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Mnemiopsis leidyi /American comb jelly [Tamara Shiganova]
Erugosquilla massavensis/Erythrean mantis shrimp
Rhopilema nomadic/jellyfish
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Helping Islands Adapt:

Workshop on Regional Action to Combat Invasive Species on Islands to Preserve Biodiversity and Adapt to Climate Change

April 12-16, 2010
Auckland, New Zealand




Concept Paper

Regional Representation at the Workshop

List of Participants Document (01 April)

Roadmap and Outcomes Document

Preparatory Investigation

Background and Scoping Report

Turning the Tide: Invasive Species Management, Ecosystem-Based Adaptation and Responses to Climate Change

Climate Change and Invasive Species in the Pacific

Summary of Key Points From: Natural Solutions, Protected Areas Helping People Cope With Natural Solutions. IUCN-WCPA, TNC, UNDP, WCS, World Bank and WWF, 2010

Workshop Outcomes for Consideration of Participants




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