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1. Rattus exulans (mammal)  English  français   
The Pacific rat is the smallest of the three rats closely associated with humans. The fur is brown and its tail length is only slightly longer or shorter than the combined head and body length. Rattus exulans is recognised as a predator of native insects, lizards and birds, a browser of native flora and an agricultural pest. There appears to be no island groups reached by the Polynesians that did not receive Rattus exulans, although not all islands in a group were necessarily colonised.
Common Names: kiore, Kleine Pazifikratte, Maori rat, Pacific rat, Polynesian rat, rat du Pacifique, rat Polynésien, tikus Polynesia
Synonyms: Mus exulans Peale, 1848, Mus maorium Hutton, 1877, 1879

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