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   Myocastor coypus (哺乳動物) English   
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    23 參考文獻 found for Myocastor coypus:
      摘要: Available from: [Accessed August 19 2010]

    2. Carter, J. and Leonard, B. P. 2002. A review of the literature on the worldwide distribution., spread of, and efforts to eradicate the coypu (Myocastor coypus) Source. Wildlife Society Bulletin. 30(1): 162-175.
      摘要: Website contains information about the introduced range of the coypu broken up by continent.
      Available from: [Accessed 29 January 2008]
      摘要: Available from: [Accessed 12 March 2010]

    5. Genesis Laboratories, Inc. 2002. Report prepared for the Lousiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries. 155pp.
      摘要: Thorough review of biology and natural history, control and socioeconomic and cultural effects of coypu in Louisiana

    6. Genovesi, P. 2005. Eradications of invasive alien species in Europe: a review. Biological Invasions. 7 (1): 127-133.
      摘要: This paper gives details about the eradications of invasive species from Europe.

    7. Gosling, L. M. 1989. Extinction to order. New Scientist, 4 march 1989: 44-49.
      摘要: Results of the eradication campaign in England.

    8. Gosling, L. M. and Baker, S. J. 1987. Planning and monitoring an attempt to eradicate coypus from Britain. Symposia of The Zoological Society of London 58: 99-113.
      摘要: Populations simulations were used to help plan a campaign to eradicate feral coypus.

    9. Gosling, L. M., Baker, S. J. and Clarke, C. N. 1988. An attempt to remove coypus (Myocastor coypus) from a wetland habitat in East Anglia. Journal of Applied Ecology 25: 49-62.
      摘要: A trial was carried out to test wether it was possible to eradicate coypu using cage trapping.

    10. Harper, D.M., Mavuti, K.M. and Muchiri, S.M., 1990. Ecology and management of Lake Naivasha, Kenya, in relation to climatic change, alien species' introduction, and agricultural development. Environmental Conservation 17: 328-336.
      摘要: Information about failed attempt to eradicate coypu using pythons (Python rebae)
      摘要: Concise review of coypu damage and control methods, focussing on Louisiana
      Available from: [Accessed 21 January 2008]

    12. Marx, J., Mouton, E., Linscombe, G. 2003. Nutria harvest distribution 2002-2003 And A survey of nutria herbivory damage in coastal Louisiana in 2003. Unpublished report by Fur and Refuge Division, Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries.
      摘要: Hisrory of nutria colonisation of Louisiana. Also contains a survey of damage to wetlands caused by nutria and infrotmation about the 2003 nutria harvest including a breakdown of different hunting methods in different habitats

    13. Tatsuzawa, Shirow. Department of Regional Science, Hokkaido University, Japan.
      摘要: Interview at ISSG HQ. Auckland, 19 March 2004.


    14. Abbas, A. 1991. Feeding strategy of coypu (Myocastor coypus) in central western France. Journal of Zoology, London, 224: 385-401.
      摘要: Feeding strategy of coypu and ability to colonize new habitats

    15. Borgnia, M., Galante, M. L. and Cassini, M. H. 2000. Diet of the coypu (Nutria, Myocastor coypus) in agro-systems of Argentina Pampas. Journal of Wildlife Management 64(2): 354-361.
      摘要: Diet composition and food selection of coypu in three riparian habitats.
      摘要: English:
      The species list sheet for the Mexican information system on invasive species currently provides information related to Scientific names, family, group and common names, as well as habitat, status of invasion in Mexico, pathways of introduction and links to other specialised websites. Some of the higher risk species already have a direct link to the alert page. It is important to notice that these lists are constantly being updated, please refer to the main page (, under the section Novedades for information on updates.
      Invasive species - mammals is available from: [Accessed 30 July 2008]
      La lista de especies del Sistema de información sobre especies invasoras de méxico cuenta actualmente con información aceca de nombre científico, familia, grupo y nombre común, así como hábitat, estado de la invasión en México, rutas de introducción y ligas a otros sitios especializados. Algunas de las especies de mayor riesgo ya tienen una liga directa a la página de alertas. Es importante resaltar que estas listas se encuentran en constante proceso de actualización, por favor consulte la portada (, en la sección novedades, para conocer los cambios.
      Especies invasoras - Mamíferos is available from: [Accessed 30 July 2008]

    17. Gulf States Marine Fisheries Commission (GSMFC), 2005. Myocastor coypus (Kerr, 1792)
      摘要: An online database that provides taxonomic information, common names, synonyms and geographical jurisdiction of a species. In addition links are provided to retrieve biological records and collection information from the Global Biodiversity Information Facility (GBIF) Data Portal and bioscience articles from BioOne journals.
      Available from: [Accessed March 2005]

    19. Mendelssohn H & Y Yom-Tov, 1987. Eds. Vol 7: Mammals. Plants and Animals of the Land of Israel. Ministry of Defence/The Publishing House, Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel.

    20. Reggiani, G., Boitani, L. and De Stefano, R. 1995. Population dynamics and regulation in the coypu Myocastor coypus in central Italy. Ecography 18: 138-146.
      摘要: Demographic parameters of a coypu population in Mediterranean climate.

    21. Reggiani, G., Boitani, L., D'Antoni, S. and De Stefano, R. 1993. Biology and control of the coypu in the mediterranean area. Suppl. Ric. Biol. Selvaggina XXI: 67-100.
      摘要: Biology and regulation factors of coypu population in mediterranean habitats.

    22. Willner, G. R., Chapman, J. A. and Pursley, D. 1979. Reproduction, physiological responses, food habits, and abundance of nutria on Maryland marshes. Wildlife Monograph 65: 43.
      摘要: Study on feeding strategies, population dynamics and adaption of coypus.

    23. Woods, C.A., Contreras, L., Willner-Chapman, G. & Whidden, H.P. 1992. Myocastor coypus. Mammalian Species 398: 1-8.
      摘要: Detailed taxonomic information about the species. Map of original native range. Information about breeding, feeding and general impacts. Mainly focussed on native range, some mention of impacts and management in introduced range.
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