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   Apis mellifera scutellata (昆蟲) English 
生態 分佈 管理 影響 參考資料 聯繫

    17 參考文獻 found for Apis mellifera scutellata:
      摘要: Available from: [Accessed 5 July 2010]

    2. Francoya, Tiago Maurício; Pedro Roberto Rodrigues Prado; Lionel Segui Gonçalves; Luciano da Fontoura Costa and David De Jong, 2008. Identification of Africanized honey bees through wing morphometrics: two fast and efficient procedures. Apidologie 39: 488-494
      摘要: Available from: [Accessed 5 July 2010]

    4. Moritz, Robin F. A., Vincent Dietemann and Robin Crewe 2008. Determining colony densities in wild honeybee populations (Apis mellifera) with linked microsatellite DNA markers. Journal of Insect Conservation 12: 455–459.
      摘要: Available from: [Accessed 25 July 2010]
      摘要: A report on the description, history, distribution, threats, benefits, and a brief description of management options.
      Available from: [Accessed 25 July 2010]
      摘要: Available from: [Accessed 5 July 2010]
      摘要: This database compiles information on alien species from British Overseas Territories.
      Available from: [Accessed 10 November 2009]
      摘要: PaDIL (Pests and Diseases Image Library) is a Commonwealth Government initiative, developed and built by Museum Victoria's Online Publishing Team, with support provided by DAFF (Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry) and PHA (Plant Health Australia), a non-profit public company. Project partners also include Museum Victoria, the Western Australian Department of Agriculture and the Queensland University of Technology. The aim of the project is: 1) Production of high quality images showing primarily exotic targeted organisms of plant health concern to Australia. 2) Assist with plant health diagnostics in all areas, from initial to high level. 3) Capacity building for diagnostics in plant health, including linkage developments between training and research organisations. 4) Create and use educational tools for training undergraduates/postgraduates. 5) Engender public awareness about plant health concerns in Australia. PaDIL is available from :, this page is available from: [Accessed 6 October 2006]

      摘要: Available from: [Accessed 25 July 2010]

    11. California Department of Food and Agriculture, 2000. Pest Detection/Emergency Projects Branch Africanized Honeybee Pest Profile.
      摘要: A report on the history, description, distribution, and lifecycle.
      摘要: A report on many different invasives that includes A. m. scutellata. Gives a brief history, description, distribution, and affects of the honeybee in North America.
      Available from: [Accessed 25 July 2010]
      摘要: Available from: [Accessed 25 July 2010]
      摘要: An online database that provides taxonomic information, common names, synonyms and geographical jurisdiction of a species. In addition links are provided to retrieve biological records and collection information from the Global Biodiversity Information Facility (GBIF) Data Portal and bioscience articles from BioOne journals.
      Available from: [Accessed December 31 2004]

    15. Kunzmann, M. R. Undated. "Africanized Honeybees in North America". National Biological Service Cooperative Park Studies Unit, University of Arizona
      摘要: Available from: [Accessed 25 July 2010]

    17. Winston, Mark L. 1992. Killer Bees The Africanized Honeybee in the Americas. Massachusetts, Harvard University Press
      摘要: Case study of A. m. scutellata reproduction and lifecycles compared to European honeybees. Also gives a detailed history of A. m. scutellata's arrival into the Americas.
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