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   Psidium guajava (喬木, 灌木) English  français   
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    19 參考文獻 found for Psidium guajava:

    1. Daehler, C.C; Denslow, J.S; Ansari, S and Huang-Chi, K., 2004. A Risk-Assessment System for Screening Out Invasive Pest Plants from Hawaii and Other Pacific Islands. Conservation Biology Volume 18 Issue 2 Page 360.
      摘要: A study on the use of a screening system to assess proposed plant introductions to Hawaii or other Pacific Islands and to identify high-risk species used in horticulture and forestry which would greatly reduce future pest-plant problems and allow entry of most nonpests.
      摘要: This compilation of information sources can be sorted on keywords for example: Baits & Lures, Non Target Species, Eradication, Monitoring, Risk Assessment, Weeds, Herbicides etc. This compilation is at present in Excel format, this will be web-enabled as a searchable database shortly. This version of the database has been developed by the IUCN SSC ISSG as part of an Overseas Territories Environmental Programme funded project XOT603 in partnership with the Cayman Islands Government - Department of Environment. The compilation is a work under progress, the ISSG will manage, maintain and enhance the database with current and newly published information, reports, journal articles etc.
      摘要: Ecology, synonyms, common names, distributions (Pacific as well as global), management and impact information.
      Available from:

    5. Swaziland's Alien Plants Database., Undated. Psidium guajava
      摘要: A database of Swaziland's alien plant species.
      摘要: This database compiles information on alien species from British Overseas Territories.
      Available from: [Accessed 10 November 2009]


    9. Barthelat, F. 2005. Note sur les espèces exotiques envahissantes à Mayotte. Direction de l’Agriculture et de la Forêt. 30p
      摘要: Tableau synthétique des plantes exotiques de Mayotte classées en fonction de leur niveau d'envahissement.

    10. Bingelli, P. & Starmer, J. 1997. Pitcairn Island. Aliens 6 (Newsletter of the IUCN Invasive Species Specialist Group). In: Varnham, K. (2005) Non-native species in UK Overseas Territories: a review. JNCC Report 372. Peterborough, United Kingdom.
      摘要: Available from: [Accessed 31 March 2008]
      摘要: Base de données sur la flore de La Réunion. De nombreuses informations très utiles.
      Available from: [Accessed 9 April 2008]
      摘要: Base de données sur le flore de Polynésie Française.
      Available from: [Accessed 9 April 2008]

    14. Fournet, J. 2002. Flore illustrée des phanérogames de guadeloupe et de Martinique. CIRAD-Gondwana editions.
      摘要: Consequences to the biodiversity of New Caledonia of the introduction of plant and animal species.
      摘要: An online database that provides taxonomic information, common names, synonyms and geographical jurisdiction of a species. In addition links are provided to retrieve biological records and collection information from the Global Biodiversity Information Facility (GBIF) Data Portal and bioscience articles from BioOne journals.
      Available from: [Accessed March 2005]
      摘要: Information on plants that pose threats to natural resource areas in Florida.
      Available from: [Accessed 30 December 2004]

    18. Meyer, J.-Y. 2004. Threat of invasive alien plants to native flora and forest vegetation of eastern Polynesia. Pacific Science, 58, 357-375
      摘要: Dans cet article, la menace croissante des plantes exotiques envahissantes est discutée et les espèces les plus envahissantes sont décrites. Des hypothèses sur l'invasibilité des îles sont présentées à la lumière des observations et des données récoltées.

    19. Meyer, J.-Y. 2007. Conservation des forêts naturelles et gestion des aires protégées en Polynésie française. Bois et forêts des tropiques, 291 (1), 25-30.
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