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   Chrysanthemoides monilifera (草本植物) English   
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    62 参考文献 找到 Chrysanthemoides monilifera:

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      摘要: Available from: [Accessed 18 March 2008]

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      摘要: This compilation of information sources can be sorted on keywords for example: Baits & Lures, Non Target Species, Eradication, Monitoring, Risk Assessment, Weeds, Herbicides etc. This compilation is at present in Excel format, this will be web-enabled as a searchable database shortly. This version of the database has been developed by the IUCN SSC ISSG as part of an Overseas Territories Environmental Programme funded project XOT603 in partnership with the Cayman Islands Government - Department of Environment. The compilation is a work under progress, the ISSG will manage, maintain and enhance the database with current and newly published information, reports, journal articles etc.

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      摘要: This database compiles information on alien species from British Overseas Territories.
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      摘要: Abstract Only

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