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   Hypericum perforatum (草本植物) English   
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    26 參考文獻 found for Hypericum perforatum:

    1. Allgaier, B.E., 1944, The Chemical Control of Klamath Weed.I. Application of Ecological Methods in Determining the Herbicidal and Fertilizing Properties of Ammonium Sulfamate and Commercial Borax, Ecology, Vol. 25, no. 4, pp.424-432.
      摘要: An alterntaive chemical management plan which utilizes ammonium sulfamate and borax as an herbicide for the control of St. John's wort as well as a fertilizer in later stages of decomposition for native grasses. Plant description and common names also detailed.

    2. Briese, D.T., & Jupp, P.W., 1995, Establishment , Spread and Initial Impact of Aphis chloris Koch (Hemiptera: Aphididae), Introduced into Australia for the Biological Control of St. John's wort, Biocontrol Science and TechnologyVol. 5, pp.271-285.
      摘要: This article discusses some of the potential biological control insects and their subsequent establishement in Australia for control of St. John's wort. The insects involved show various rates of success in controlling the plant, but no one species stands out as a possible control option.

    3. Buckley, Y.M., Briese, D.T., & Rees, M., 2003, Demography and management of the invasive plant species Hypericum perforatum. I. Using multi-level mixed-effects models for characterizing growth, survival, and fecundity in a long-term data set, Journal of Applied Ecology, Vol. 40, pp. 481-493.
      摘要: Very informative article which addresses some of the environmental and management issues when trying to form models on the invasiveness of Hypericum perforatum. Gives good details on history and distribution of St. John's wort in Australia and some of factors involved in its success as a species and what control options lack in containing or stabilizing the population.

    4. Campbell, M.H., Flemons, K.F., Dellows,J.J, Dec. 1975, Control of St. John's wort (Hypericum perforatum var. angustifolium) on non-arable land, Australian Journal of Experimental Agriculture and Animal Husbandry, Vol. 15, pp.812-817.
      摘要: Chemical and cultural control management strategies with observations and techniques of how to employ these strategies. Very informative on drawbacks and considerations landowners and agencies need to consider when employing the control of St. John's wort on non-arable rangeland.

    5. Campbell, M.H., Milne, B.R., Dellow, J.J., & Nicol, H.I., 1991, Effect of herbicides on St. John's wort (Hypericum perforatum L.), Australian Journal of Experimental Agriculture, Vol. 31, pp.499-501.
      摘要: Another article with additional emphasis on chemical and cultural control strategies in Australian rangeland management.

    6. Gordon, A.J., & Kluge, R.L., 1991, Biological control of St. John's Wort, Hypericum perforatum (Clusiaceae), in South Africa, Agriculture, Ecosystems, and Environment, Vol. 37, pp.77-90.
      摘要: Article discussing the management strategies employed by agencies in South Africa in an effort to control populations of introduced St. John's wort. It gives great information into some of the failures of control and the success of using biological controls to stablilize the plant's population in South Africa with references to other countries as well.

    7. Tisdale, E.W., Hironaka, M., & Pringle, W.L., Jan. 1959, Observations on the Autecology of Hypericum perforatum, Ecology, Vol. 40, No. 1, pp.54-62.
      摘要: An excellent source for habitat effects on Hypericum perforatum and on methods of dispersal, reproduction, and land management.

    8. Wapshere, A.J., 1984, Recent work in Europe on biological control of Hypericum perforatum [Guttiferae] for Australia, Entomophaga, Vol. 29, no. 2, pp.145-156.
      摘要: Another article relating success and failure of different introductions of biological control for Hypericum perforatum. The species tested and observed again show various levels of success, but no one species is shown to establish and effectively control the plant.

      摘要: This article reiterates a lot of the key information found through the literature. This was referenced for its discussion of the presence of St. John's wort in Alaska and some of the habitat characteristics associated with the plants reproduction and establishment.
      Available from: [Accessed on 19 February 2007].
      摘要: This online site is for a private seed company and was only used to reference additional global common names associated with Hypericum perforatum.
      Available from: [Accessed on 15 February 2007].
      摘要: This site was used to find out additional spanish common names for Hypericum perforatum.
      Available from: [Accessed on 15 February 2007].
      摘要: Similar species to H. perforatum in California and the distinguishing differences in identification.
      Available from: [Accessed on 19 February 2007].
      摘要: This site was used for the distribution of the introduction of St. John's wort in Canada.
      Available from: [Accessed on 19 February 2007].

    14. Fox, L.R., Ribeiro, S.P., Brown, V.K., Masters, G.J., & Clarke, I.P., 1999, Direct and indirect effects of climate change on St. John's wort, Hypericum perforatum L., (Hypericaceae), Oecologia, Vol. 120, pp.113-122.
      摘要: Information regarding the effects of global temperature change in the establishment of certain invasive species, particularly St. John's wort.
      摘要: Available from: [Accessed 15 June 2010]
      摘要: An online database that provides taxonomic information, common names, synonyms and geographical jurisdiction of a species. In addition links are provided to retrieve biological records and collection information from the Global Biodiversity Information Facility (GBIF) Data Portal and bioscience articles from BioOne journals.
      Available from: [Accessed on 19 February 2007].
      摘要: Additional use and medicinal information on St. John's wort.
      Available from: [Accessed on 19 February 2007].
      摘要: A botanical medicinal and culinary archive that is a personal webpage. This site was referenced for its botanical common names in European languages for the species Hypericum perforatum.
      Available from: [Accessed on 15 February 2007].
      摘要: General descriptive information on appearance of H. perforatum, ecology and habitat, reproduction, uses, and controls.
      Available from: [Accessed on 19 February 2007].

    20. Maron, J.L., Montserrat, V., Bommarco, R., Elmendorf, S., & Beardsley, P., 2004, Rapid Evolution of an Invasive Plant, Ecological Monographs, Vol. 74, no. 2, pp.261-280.
      摘要: This article discusses the evolution of St. John's wort and potential differences in the native population versus the intorduced population and what characteristics distinguish any differences due to environment and selective pressures.
      摘要: An online database developed through Hawaiian Ecosystems at Risk and the Forest Service detailing information on the species that have impacted island ecosystems. General description and distribution on islands globally.
      Available from: [Accessed on 19 February 2007].
      摘要: Online archive of the listing of plants that are considered weed species on a global perspective. This site was used for referencing common names associated with H. perforatum.
      Available from: [Accessed on 19 February 2007].
      摘要: This article was a great reference on some of the implications St. John's wort has for treating a variety of medical conditions, most notably depression. It also gave an interesting historical account of how the plant was introduced into Australia.
      Available from: [Accessed on 19 February 2007].
      摘要: Common names and synonyms associated with Hypericum perforatum.
      Available from: [Accessed on 19 February 2007].
      摘要: This database was cited for its comprehensive listing of native and introduced range for St. John's wort. It also contains several common names and synonyms.
      Available from: [Accessed on 19 February 2007].
      摘要: United States distribution information.
      Available from: [Accessed on 19 February 2007].
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