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   Mytilopsis sallei (軟體動物) English 
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    16 參考文獻 found for Mytilopsis sallei:
      摘要: This paper discusses the incursion and subsequent eradication of M. sallei in Darwin Harbour, Northern Territory, Australia.
      Available from: [Accessed 27 November 2006]
      摘要: The electronic tool kits made available on the Cefas page for free download are Crown Copyright (2007-2008). As such, these are freeware and may be freely distributed provided this notice is retained. No warranty, expressed or implied, is made and users should satisfy themselves as to the applicability of the results in any given circumstance. Toolkits available include 1) FISK- Freshwater Fish Invasiveness Scoring Kit (English and Spanish language version); 2) MFISK- Marine Fish Invasiveness Scoring Kit; 3) MI-ISK- Marine invertebrate Invasiveness Scoring Kit; 4) FI-ISK- Freshwater Invertebrate Invasiveness Scoring Kit and AmphISK- Amphibian Invasiveness Scoring Kit. These tool kits were developed by Cefas, with new VisualBasic and computational programming by Lorenzo Vilizzi, David Cooper, Andy South and Gordon H. Copp, based on VisualBasic code in the original Weed Risk Assessment (WRA) tool kit of P.C. Pheloung, P.A. Williams & S.R. Halloy (1999).
      The decision support tools are available from: [Accessed 13 October 2011]
      The guidance document is available from [Accessed 13 January 2009].
      摘要: This website provides comprehensive information on M. sallei.
      Available from: [Accessed 14 November 2006]


    4. Anil, A.C., Venkat, K., Sawant, S.S., Dileepkumar, M., Dhargalkar, V.K., Ramaiah, N., Harkantra, S.N. and Ansari, Z.A. 2002. Marine bioinvasion: Concern for ecology and shipping. Current Science. 83 (3): 214-218.
      摘要: This paper reports on invasions of marine species, both in India and around the world.

    5. Chu, K.H., Tam, P.F., Fung, C.H. and Chen, Q.C. 1997. A biological survey of ballast water in container ships entering Hong Kong. Hydrobiologia. 352: 201-206.
      摘要: This paper discusses the species which have arrived in Hong Kong via ballast water in container ships.
      摘要: This information sheet provides basic information about M. sallei.
      Available from: [Accessed 29 November 2006]

    7. Hewitt, C.L. 2002. Distribution and biodiversity of Australian tropical marine bioinvasions. Pacific Science. 56 (2): 213-222.
      摘要: This paper discusses the invasive marine species found in Australia, including M. sallei.

    8. Hutchings, P.A., Hilliard, R.W. and Coles, S.L. 2002. Species introductions and potential for marine pest invasions into tropical marine communities, with special reference to the Indo-Pacific (1). Pacific Science. 56 (2): 223.
      摘要: This paper discusses marine invasions in the Pacific region, and includes references to M. sallei.

    9. Kimura, T. and Horii, N. 2004. Mytilopsis sallei (Bivalvia: Dreissenidae) introduced into Ise Bay. Chiribotan. 35 (2): 37-43.
      摘要: This paper outlines the introduction of M. sallei to Ise Bay in Japan.

    10. Marelli, D.C. and Berrend, R.E. 1978. Mytilopsis sallei new record in Central America. Mollusca Pelecypoda. Veliger. 21 (1): 144.
      摘要: This paper reports a new record for M. sallei in Mexico.

    11. Mohan, P.C. and Prakash, R.R. 1998. Concentration of petroleum hydrocarbons in bivalve Mytilopsis sallei and in the harbour waters of Visakhapatnam, east coast of India. Indian Journal of Marine Sciences. 27 (3-4): 496-498.
      摘要: This paper examines the effects of petroleum hydrocarbons on M. sallei in Visakhapatnam Harbour in India.

    12. Morton, B. 1981. The biology and functional morphology of Mytilopsis sallei Bivalvia Dreissenacea fouling Visakhapatnam Harbor, Andhra Pradesh India.
      摘要: This paper discusses the morphology of M. sallei in Visakhapatnam Harbour in India.

    13. Morton, B. 1989. Life-history characteristics and sexual strategy of Mytilopsis sallei (Bivalvia: Dreissenacea), introduced into Hong Kong. Journal of Zoology. 219 (3): 469-485.
      摘要: This paper provides a great deal of information about the life history of M. sallei in Hong Kong.

    14. Sin, Y.M., Wong, M.K., Chou, L.M. and Alias, N.B. 1991. A study of the heavy metal concentrations of the Singapore River. Environmental Monitoring and Assessment. 19: 481-494.
      摘要: This paper reports on the species present in the Singapore River subsequent to attempts to clean up pollution in the river.

    15. Subba Rao, D.V. 2005. Comprehensive review of the records of the biota of the Indian Seas and introduction of non-indigenous species. Aquatic Conservation: Marine and Freshwater Ecosystems. 15: 117-146.
      摘要: This paper provides information about the invasive marine species in Indian waters.

    16. Udhayakumar, M. and Karande, A.A. 1989. Byssal threads of Mytilopsis sallei Recluz and their adhesive strength. Proceedings of the Indian Academy of Sciences Animal Sciences. 98 (1): 65-76.
      摘要: This paper discusses details of the byssal threads of M. sallei.
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