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   Myocastor coypus (哺乳動物)  English   
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    河狸鼠的野生族群被使用射擊與陷阱處理控制。小型到中型族群,最好是移除他們,但是如果不能移除,在大多數情況下某種程度的控制是必需的。毛皮價格高時,能幫助鼓勵充份的狩獵以控制族群(Carter and Leonard 2002)。在毛皮價格高時,美國路易斯安那州中的濕地,損害較小。(Marx et al. 2003)在 2002 年,路易斯安那有一個懸賞體系。那年,投資一千二百五十萬美元,在 4 個月內,342個設陷阱的人,取回 300,000隻尾巴。被槍殺或者困住的動物,屍體被保留出售皮毛,或被棄置在濕地。(Marx et al. 2003)河狸鼠曾經從美國的一些州移除,而且在世界各國均被列為有害生物。(卡特與雷納, 2002)一個大約 6000隻河狸鼠(Genovesi, 2005)的族群,從英國東英格蘭使用鼠籠移除。雇用24個人設陷阱,費時8 年,花費£二百五十萬。(Gosling, 1989)西西里島提出一個小湖的移除計畫,但是遭到世界自然保護基金會反對阻止。一個不成功的嘗試被做使用砃蛇(砃蛇 rebae)了作為一個生物控制為河狸鼠在 Keya 的湖 Navaisha(哈伯 et al.1990) English   

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    2. Carter, J. and Leonard, B. P. 2002. A review of the literature on the worldwide distribution., spread of, and efforts to eradicate the coypu (Myocastor coypus) Source. Wildlife Society Bulletin. 30(1): 162-175.
    5. Genesis Laboratories, Inc. 2002. Report prepared for the Lousiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries. 155pp.
            摘要: Thorough review of biology and natural history, control and socioeconomic and cultural effects of coypu in Louisiana
    6. Genovesi, P. 2005. Eradications of invasive alien species in Europe: a review. Biological Invasions. 7 (1): 127-133.
            摘要: This paper gives details about the eradications of invasive species from Europe.
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            摘要: Results of the eradication campaign in England.
    8. Gosling, L. M. and Baker, S. J. 1987. Planning and monitoring an attempt to eradicate coypus from Britain. Symposia of The Zoological Society of London 58: 99-113.
            摘要: Populations simulations were used to help plan a campaign to eradicate feral coypus.
    9. Gosling, L. M., Baker, S. J. and Clarke, C. N. 1988. An attempt to remove coypus (Myocastor coypus) from a wetland habitat in East Anglia. Journal of Applied Ecology 25: 49-62.
            摘要: A trial was carried out to test wether it was possible to eradicate coypu using cage trapping.
    10. Harper, D.M., Mavuti, K.M. and Muchiri, S.M., 1990. Ecology and management of Lake Naivasha, Kenya, in relation to climatic change, alien species' introduction, and agricultural development. Environmental Conservation 17: 328-336.
            摘要: Information about failed attempt to eradicate coypu using pythons (Python rebae)
    12. Marx, J., Mouton, E., Linscombe, G. 2003. Nutria harvest distribution 2002-2003 And A survey of nutria herbivory damage in coastal Louisiana in 2003. Unpublished report by Fur and Refuge Division, Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries.
            摘要: Hisrory of nutria colonisation of Louisiana. Also contains a survey of damage to wetlands caused by nutria and infrotmation about the 2003 nutria harvest including a breakdown of different hunting methods in different habitats
    13. Tatsuzawa, Shirow. Department of Regional Science, Hokkaido University, Japan.
            摘要: Interview at ISSG HQ. Auckland, 19 March 2004.

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