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   Lymantria dispar (昆蟲)  English   
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    預防措施:土地可能經由許多不同的方法,從AGM的危害中得到保護,。一個辦法是可以改變森林,以防止疫情爆發。高風險的森林可以爆發發生之前採伐,以防止一些經濟損失。把林木砍筏稀釋,可以增加保留樹木的活力,減少爆發重大疫情的風險。稀釋也減少初期 AGM 宿主的比例,能減少落葉的頻率與強度。在已經出現落葉之後,在6至12個月的樹木完全死亡之前,可以進行挽救性伐木,防止經濟損失和促進再生。在新西蘭的立法和檢疫程序,可能要求來自AGM疫區的船隻在港外八公里處接受 AGM 卵團檢查。如果發現,該船必須回到20海哩外進行清洗,然後『高危』檢查將繼續再次在離岸8公里處執行M. Dijkhuis pers. comm April 2005)


    化學方法:空中噴灑是最常見的方法,可以消除新的獨立種群,也可以用來壓制疫情與建立的族群。 空中噴灑使用綜合性的殺蟲劑例如 diflubenzuron(Dimilin), carbaryl(Sevin), 與 mimic(tebufenozide)。

    生物方法:被使用對抗 AGM 的最普遍的根除方法是自然發生的蘇雲金桿菌(Bt)。蘇雲金桿菌生產卡特彼勒特定毒素。當在樹葉上噴灑, Bt 將打亂毛蟲消化樹葉的消化系統,抑制他們的食慾。通常在 7-10 天內,毛蟲運動減慢,然後且死亡。(蚜蟲, 2003)請參閱關於 Bt 更多的資訊。 English   

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            摘要: A brief report on introduction, native distribution, species description, life cycle, effects of introduction, Canadian distribution, and control measures.
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            摘要: PaDIL (Pests and Diseases Image Library) is a Commonwealth Government initiative, developed and built by Museum Victoria's Online Publishing Team, with support provided by DAFF (Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry) and PHA (Plant Health Australia), a non-profit public company. Project partners also include Museum Victoria, the Western Australian Department of Agriculture and the Queensland University of Technology. The aim of the project is: 1) Production of high quality images showing primarily exotic targeted organisms of plant health concern to Australia. 2) Assist with plant health diagnostics in all areas, from initial to high level. 3) Capacity building for diagnostics in plant health, including linkage developments between training and research organisations. 4) Create and use educational tools for training undergraduates/postgraduates. 5) Engender public awareness about plant health concerns in Australia. PaDIL is available from :, this page is available from: [Accessed 6 October 2006]

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