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   Asparagus densiflorus (草本植物)  English  français   
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    预防措施:太平洋的非洲天门冬(Asparagus densiflorus)风险评估,由太平洋岛屿生态系统风险计划执行(PIER),使用澳大利亚风险评估标准(Pheloung, 1995)。其结果是15分,建议如下:应禁止进口此植物(澳大利亚)或此此物种可能具有高风险(太平洋)。
    澳大利亚的非洲天门冬(Asparagus densiflorus)风险评估,由太平洋岛屿生态系统风险计划执行(PIER),使用澳大利亚风险评估标准(Pheloung, 1995)。其结果是3分,建议如下:此植物需要进一步评估。


    生物方法:区域杂草咨询委员会(2004)报告说:在澳大利亚,非洲天门冬(Asparagus densiflorus)会被一种小蜂(Chalcidae科)和蛾的幼虫攻击。有一种锈菌会严重破坏果实。一种蓟马和黄蜂尺蠖幼虫会使叶片严重受损。两种小蜂会攻击茎。这些物种都可能当作生物控制使用,但需要进一步研究。

    金花虫科的昆虫Crioceris,是一种潜在的生物控制剂可用来控制Asparagus。并有可能也对非洲天门冬(Asparagus densiflorus)有效(威特和爱德华兹, 2001)。

    文化教育:区域杂草咨询委员会认为,公众缺乏对许多沿海杂草的认识,其中包括非洲天门冬。许多入侵性的沿海物种仍被人们无知地大量种植在后院当作观赏植物。作者认为,教育课程应集中在提高认识此物种所造成的威胁,鉴别知识和控制技术以及地方上成功的经验。教育方案将需要把重点放在区域层级和地方层级,地方性的问题应被重视。 English  français   

    Physical and chemical control tend to be very difficult. Biological control agents are being investigated (Csurhes and Edwards, 1998).
    Asparagus species are generally best controlled using the “crowning” technique where the above ground part of the plant is cut from the root system and hung up off the ground. Tubers can be painted with glyphosate. Runners near the ground can be gathered up and their main root systems removed. Regrowth needs to be controlled whilst it is actively growing (preferably between flowering and fruiting) with such techniques as foliar spraying with glyphosate (1 part glyphosate to 75 parts water) or metsulfuron methyl (1-2g in 10L of water) (Regional Weeds Advisory Committee, 2004).
    Lord Howe Is.
    Asparagus densiflorus has been declared a noxious weed on Lord Howe Island (Csurhes and Edwards, 1998).
    Waikato Region (North Island)
    Asparagus densiflorus is classified as a “Potential Plant Pest” by Environment Waikato, which means it is recognised as a potentially invasive weed in the Waikato Region.
    Please see definitions for hierarchy of pest designations.

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  • Module 1: Developing and implementing a weed management plan
  • Module 2: Weed control methods for community groups
  • Module 3: Collecting and preparing plant specimens for identification
  • Module 4: Presentation of information sessions to small groups

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