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   Pueraria montana var. lobata (藤本植物,攀援植物)  English  français   
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    預防措施針對澳洲葛藤(Pueraria montana var. lobata)的瀕危風險評估,使用澳洲風險評估系統,執行者是太平洋島嶼瀕危生態系統[PIER].(Pheloung, 1995), 結果是 9 分,建議如下:拒絕此植物進口(澳洲)或此植物可能是有害植物(太平洋)。


    生物方法:正與中國合作初步發展傳統的生物控制方法,中國是掠食昆蟲的原生地。正在研究發展,使用本地昆蟲和病原體進行生物控制。 English  français   

         管理資源 /鏈接

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            摘要: A 2007 Report to Congress documented a crucial factor in the loss of Army training land: uncontrolled vegetation growth. Of the 53 installations surveyed for the report, 30 reported that approximately 12 percent of their training lands were unusable for certain types of training. Uncontrolled vegetation was a source of such problems as an inability to conduct mounted and dismounted maneuver training, interference with equipment used in line-of-sight training, safety issues, and damage to equipment and structures. Of the 11 plant species (or groups) identified by installations as uncontrolled vegetation, six were invasive plants, of which the two invasive plants most commonly identified were Kudzu (Pueraria montana) and Multiflora Rose (Rosa multiflora). This work provides a snapshot of current research and scientific knowledge related to the invasive plant species Kudzu, its impact on the Army, and a concise representation of control technologies for military land managers.
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