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   Phragmites australis (草)  English   
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    Marks等(1993)報告說:入侵的蘆葦(Phragmites australis)族群必須加以管理,以保護可能被排擠的珍稀植物,珍貴動物的棲息地也可能會被其支配和貶抑,也可能會改變生態系統的健康。文化,機械或化學的方法可用於控制。

    有關化學,物理,生物控制方法,請參閱管理資訊 。 English   

         管理資源 /鏈接

    1. Bertness, M. D., P. J. Ewanchuk, and B. R. Silliman. 2002. Anthropogenic modification of New England salt marsh landscapes. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA 99:1395-1398.
            摘要: Study describing the impact of coastal development and pollution on the spread of Phragmites in coastal New England
    4. Champion, P.D.; Clayton, J.S. 2001. Border control for potential aquatic weeds. Stage 2. Weed risk assessment. Science for Conservation 185. 30 p.
            摘要: This report is the second stage in the development of a Border Control Programme for aquatic plants that have the potential to become ecological weeds in New Zealand. Importers and traders in aquatic plants were surveyed to identify the plant species known or likely to be present in New Zealand. The Aquatic Plant Weed Risk Assessment Model was used to help assess the level of risk posed by these species. The report presents evidence of the various entry pathways and considers the impact that new invasive aquatic weed species may have on vulnerable native aquatic species and communities.
    Available from: [Accessed 13 June 2007]
    6. National Pest Plant Accord, 2001. Biosecurity New Zealand.
            摘要: The National Pest Plant Accord is a cooperative agreement between regional councils and government departments with biosecurity responsibilities. Under the accord, regional councils will undertake surveillance to prevent the commercial sale and/or distribution of an agreed list of pest plants.
    Available from: [Accessed 11 August 2005]
    7. New Zealand Plant Conservation Network, 2005. Unwanted Organisms. Factsheet Phragmites australis
    9. Tasman District Council (TDC) 2001. Tasman-Nelson Regional Pest Management Strategy

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