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   Sorghum halepense (graminée)  English     
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         Ressources pour la gestion/Liens

    1. Bridges, D.C. and Chandler, J.M. 1987. Effect of herbicide and weed height on Johnsongrass (Sorghum halepense) control and cotton (Gossypium hirsutum) yield. Weed Technology 1: 207-211.
    3. Chandramohan, S., Charudattan, R., Sonoda, R.M. and Singh, M. 2002. Field evaluation of a fungal pathogen mixture for the control of seven weedy grasses. Weed Science 50: 204-213.
    5. McWhorter, C.G. 1972. Factors affecting johnsongrass rhizome production and germination. Weed Science 20: 41-45.
    6. Millhollon, R. 2000. Loose kernel smut for biocontrol of Sorghum halepense in Saccharum sp. hybrids. Weed Science 48: 645-652.
    7. National Pest Plant Accord, 2001. Biosecurity New Zealand.
            Résumé: The National Pest Plant Accord is a cooperative agreement between regional councils and government departments with biosecurity responsibilities. Under the accord, regional councils will undertake surveillance to prevent the commercial sale and/or distribution of an agreed list of pest plants.
    Available from: [Accessed 11 August 2005]
    10. Smeda, R.J., Snipes, C.E. and Barrentine, W.L. 1997. Identification of graminicide-resistant johnsongrass (Sorghum halepense). Weed Science 45: 132-137.
    11. Swaziland's Alien Plants Database., Undated. Sorghum halepense
            Résumé: A database of Swaziland's alien plant species.

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