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   Psidium guajava (喬木, 灌木)  English  français   
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    預防措施:番石榴(Psidium guajava)的風險評估,由Kaulunani 都市森林計畫與美國森林服務部贊助,Dr. Curtis Daehler(UH Botany)執行,針對夏威夷與其他太平洋島嶼。外來植物檢查系統源於Pheloung 等(1999)小幅修正後,使用在太平洋島嶼。其結果是14分,建議如下:WRA分數很高,可能會對夏威夷和其他太平洋島嶼造成重大生態和經濟損害,這是基於公佈的資料來源描述物種的生物學和行為在夏威夷或世界其他地區。

    物理方法:青年植株可以使用燃燒控制,砍筏會造成斷莖再生的結果(莫頓 1987)。另一方面,在加拉帕戈斯,燒,手工砍筏,甚至用推土機推倒,導致更加嚴重的入侵。由地下萌蘗再生,限制人工控制有效性(Cronk and Fuller 2001)。

    化學方法:可以在葉面施用綠草萣,百草敵和2,4-D的1磅/英畝,削砍面施用這些除草劑;非常有效的方法包括樹皮基部施用綠草酯和2,4-D的酯在2%和4%,柴油或作物油非常有效;土壤施以丁唑隆除草劑 2磅/英畝,樹皮基部施用低容量的 20%綠草酯油溶液。一個葉片小的番石榴植群似乎能容忍除草劑,但在葉面施用丁唑隆除草劑,效果敏感(PIER)。

    生物方法:山羊和綿羊可用於控制,因為它們吃草葉及樹皮。山羊已成功地應用於夏威夷島。211 English  français   

         管理資源 /鏈接

    1. Daehler, C.C; Denslow, J.S; Ansari, S and Huang-Chi, K., 2004. A Risk-Assessment System for Screening Out Invasive Pest Plants from Hawaii and Other Pacific Islands. Conservation Biology Volume 18 Issue 2 Page 360.
            摘要: A study on the use of a screening system to assess proposed plant introductions to Hawaii or other Pacific Islands and to identify high-risk species used in horticulture and forestry which would greatly reduce future pest-plant problems and allow entry of most nonpests.
    2. IUCN/SSC Invasive Species Specialist Group (ISSG)., 2010. A Compilation of Information Sources for Conservation Managers.
            摘要: This compilation of information sources can be sorted on keywords for example: Baits & Lures, Non Target Species, Eradication, Monitoring, Risk Assessment, Weeds, Herbicides etc. This compilation is at present in Excel format, this will be web-enabled as a searchable database shortly. This version of the database has been developed by the IUCN SSC ISSG as part of an Overseas Territories Environmental Programme funded project XOT603 in partnership with the Cayman Islands Government - Department of Environment. The compilation is a work under progress, the ISSG will manage, maintain and enhance the database with current and newly published information, reports, journal articles etc.
    5. Swaziland's Alien Plants Database., Undated. Psidium guajava
            摘要: A database of Swaziland's alien plant species.

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