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   Anas platyrhynchos (鳥類)  English  français 
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    綠頭鴨(Anas platyrhynchos)是北美和歐洲產量最多的水鳥,多年來,以狩獵和限制狩獵來控制綠頭鴨族群。美國魚類和野生動物局利用族群動態管理和監控,以取得適合的產量,規範野鴨狩獵,完善管理綠頭鴨在美國的族群(Nichols, 2007; USFWS, 2007, Drilling et al., 2002)。
    綠頭鴨(Anas platyrhynchos) 與太平洋黑鴨(A. superciliosa)雜交經常發生於羅德豪島(Lord Howe Island)的淡水及河口棲地。一個以陷阱、槍擊及隨機手捕的管理計畫,於2007年10月進行了5天。大部分移除的鴨子是靠槍擊,手捕是最有效的,但隨機且限於亞成鳥和雛鳥。陷阱捕捉是次有效的方法,但受到爭議。請按照此連結 Tracey et al (2008) 羅德豪島的鴨子:豐度、影響及管理辦法 更多管理項目上的細節。 English  français 

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            摘要: This compilation of information sources can be sorted on keywords for example: Baits & Lures, Non Target Species, Eradication, Monitoring, Risk Assessment, Weeds, Herbicides etc. This compilation is at present in Excel format, this will be web-enabled as a searchable database shortly. This version of the database has been developed by the IUCN SSC ISSG as part of an Overseas Territories Environmental Programme funded project XOT603 in partnership with the Cayman Islands Government - Department of Environment. The compilation is a work under progress, the ISSG will manage, maintain and enhance the database with current and newly published information, reports, journal articles etc.
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