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   Ludwigia peruviana (水生植物) English  français   
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    秘鲁水丁香(Ludwigia peruviana)是积极的机会主义者,会堵塞航道,支配小溪河岸其它水生植被(雪梨杂草委员会)。

    Australia English 
    滋扰人类: Johnson and Smith (2004) observe that L. peruviana a plant of wet places, has the potential to become more widespread and difficult to control once established.
    Burnt Bridge Creek (Australia) English 
    改变水文: Aquatic weeds such as the L. peruviana, which has been previously recorded in Burnt Bridge Creek, are known to restrict the flow of water in creeks. This may be why flow before the dam (where the most amount of weeds were recorded) was less than that downstream (Sadler and Dempsey, 2002).
    Warriewood Wetlands (Australia) English 
    栖地改变: L. peruviana apperars to have taken over the open water area in the Warriewood Wetlands and to be colonising into the adjoining forest (Warriewood Wetlands, 2003).

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