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   Asparagus densiflorus (草本植物) English  français   
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    丰盛湾区域市政局报告说:非洲天门冬(Asparagus densiflorus)有可能类似于攀援性藤蔓,它会窒息森林下层植物到高度2.5~5公尺,它也会窒息地面植被,妨碍树冠层植物再生。

    Palm Beach County (United States (USA)) English 
    降低本地生物多样性: Asparagus densiflorus is found in large colonies on several scrub sites in Palm Beach County, displacing native ground cover and understory shrubs (University of Florida, 2002).
    “Has escaped as well into tropical hammocks in Palm Beach County, overtopping young native plants such as wild coffee, Psychotria nervosa (A. Zahorcak, Florida Department of Environmental Protection, 1998 personal communication)” (University of Florida, 2002).

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