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   Paederia foetida (藤本植物,攀援植物) English   
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    斯塔尔等人(2003)报告说:鸡屎藤大量生长在各种不同的栖息地,展现积极的成长。此藤蔓爬会爬上灌木和树木,把他们压在下面,阻碍其再生。鸡屎藤(Paederia foetida)会侵入牧草地和公路两旁和电线上造成问题。在美国,鸡屎藤(Paederia foetida)已被观察到会窒息少数剩余的原生联邦濒危水柳树Justicia cooleyi(Langeland和伯克斯, 2000)。

    Florida (USA) (United States (USA)) English 
    威胁濒危物种: In Orange County, P. foetida is found growing in relatively wet areas, on wetland natives such as dahoon holly (Ilex cassine L.). It has smothered out portions of one of the few remaining populations of the endemic, federally endangered Cooley’s water willow (Justicia cooleyi see Florida's Federally Listed Plant Species ) (Langeland and Burks, 2000).

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