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   Clarias batrachus (鱼类) English   
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    在佛罗里达州,已知蟾胡鲶已经入侵水产养殖场,进入水池捕食养殖的鱼。为了因应此种状况,养殖业者必须竖立保护的围栏,以保护这些水池(Nico, 2000)。虽然其它掠食性鱼类更加贪吃,蟾胡鲶已知也会捕食原生种的蝌蚪,尤其对于那些只能在暂时性湿地繁殖的蝌蚪。虽然能避免遭受其它掠食性鱼类的捕食,但却会遭受蟾胡鲶严重的威胁(Baber and Babbitt, 2003)。

    Philippines English 
    竞争: Clarias batrachus has have dominated locations of inhabitance and displaced the native catfish (Clarias macrocephalus) in Luzon, Philippines and has spread throughout many other parts of the country (Joshi, undated; Sinohin & Cauterno, 2002).
    Sri Lanka English 
    竞争: Clarias batrachus threatens endemic fresh water fishes in Sri Lanka (Kotagma & Bambaradeniya, 2006).
    Florida (USA) (United States (USA)) English 
    竞争: Clarias batrachus will outcompete or directly consume several co-occurring native species in Florida. Resident centrarchids, freshwater sunfish, and native catfish species appear particularly susceptible to impacts from this invader. C. batrachus can also negatively impact native amphibian populations by preying on tadpoles (Masterson, 2007).

    经济 /民生: Clarias batrachus in South Florida are known to invade commercial aquaculture facilities, often consuming vast numbers of the stocks of fishes (Robins, undated).

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