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   Carduus nutans (草本植物) English   
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    飛廉(Carduus nutans)在其入侵的地方,是農地的一個麻煩問題,因為它會與原生牧草及農作物競爭,阻礙牲畜移動,因為牲畜不願意穿過它。因為它的種子產量大,原生植物會被它競逐排擠掉。它傳播種子的時間很長,種子散播在母株附近,創造出密集的植群,排擠調原生植物。它會減少草場牧草數量,進而減少放牧動物的產量。它會鉤住,羊毛造成白斑,減少羊毛的價值。種子會混雜在牧草種子和作物種子之中,很難辨認出來。

    United States (USA) English 
    競爭: Affects ecosystems by competing with native plants, including rare and endangered species.

    經濟 /民生: Costs farmers in the United States and Canada millions of dollars each year in lost crop yields and management expenses.

    農業: Competes with crops, forage for livestock, and impedes the movement of livestock because they avoid entering the dense stands.
    New Mexico (United States (USA)) English 
    競爭: In New Mexico, C. nutans is also encroaching on the habitat of rare and endangered species, such as Mescalero thistle (Cirsium vinaceum ), which grows in springs, seeps, and marshy valley bottoms in east of this state. C. vinaceum is closely related to C. nutans , making control techniques, such as herbicides, difficult to use without killing both species.

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