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   Opuntia monacantha (喬木, 灌木, 肉質植物) English   
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    全球雜草彙編(2007)報告說:金武扇仙人掌(Opuntia monacantha)是一個「農業雜草」,「逃脫的雜草」,「環境雜草」和「有害雜草」。

    Ascension Is. (Saint Helena) English 
    威脅瀕危物種: Endemic vascular flora of Ascension Island are threatened by an unidentified Opuntia sp. Specifically, Opuntia occurs at at least two locations where endemic species occur. These endemics are the 'Near Threatened (NT)' Asplenium ascensionis - (in IUCN Red List of Threatened Species). And the 'Critically Endangered (CR)' Pteris adscensionis - (in IUCN Red List of Threatened Species), both of which require active conservation measures to ensure their survival (Gray Pelembe & Stroud 2005).

    與其他入侵物種相互作用: Mice were several times seen climbing on Opuntia plants, where one was seen to graze the anthers from several flowers.

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