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   Boiga irregularis (reptile)  English     
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      Boiga irregularis head (Photo: G. H. Rodda, U.S. Geological Museum) - Click for full size   Boiga irregularis striking (Photo: G. H. Rodda, U.S. Geological Museum) - Click for full size   Boiga irregularis coiled (Photo: G. H. Rodda, U.S. Geological Survey) - Click for full size   Boiga irregularis on the invasive plant Chromolaena odorata tree (Photo: Gordon Rodda, USGS) - Click for full size
    Nom taxonomique: Boiga irregularis (Merrem, 1802)
    Synonymes: Boiga flavescens, Coluber irregularis Merrem in Bechstein 1802, Dendrophis (Ahetula) fusca Gray 1842, Dipsadomorphus irregularis Werner 1899, Dipsas boydii Macleay 1884, Dipsas irregularis Fischer 1884, Dipsas ornata Macleay 1888, Hurria pseudoboiga Daudin 1803, Pappophis flavigastra Macleay 1877, Pappophis laticeps Macleay 1877, Triglyphodon flavescens Duméril, Bibron & Duméril 1854, Triglyphodon irregulare Duméril, Bibron & Duméril 1854
    Noms communs: Braune Nachtbaumnatter (German), brown catsnake (English), brown tree snake (English), culepla (Chamorro-Guam), kulebla (Chamorro-Guam)
    Type d'organisme: reptile
    Se rencontre dans:
    broussailles/savanes, côtes, forêts naturelles, plantations forestières, prairies, rudéral/perturbé, zones agricoles, zones humides, zones ripisylves, zones urbaines
    If visiting or departing Guam, you can help ensure the snake does not leave with you by carefully inspecting your belongings, particularly outdoor goods, when packing. For more information about the brown tree snake, contact the Guam WS office at (671) 635-4400 or the Hawaii WS State office at (808) 861-8576.

    Any snake sightings on islands thought to lack snakes should be reported immediately to:

    James Stanford--USGS
    Brown Treesnake Rapid Response Team Coordinator
    Phone (24 hours): 671-777-HISS (4477)

    Further information on reporting brown treesnake sightings is available at the USGS Fort Collins Science Center site.

    Cette espèce figure sur la liste de l’UICN des 100 espèces parmi les plus envahissantes au monde
    Révisé par: Dr. Gad Perry, Associate Professor, Conservation Biology Texas Tech University, USA.
    Compilé par: Revision: National Biological Information Infrastructure (NBII) & IUCN/SSC Invasive Species Specialist Group (ISSG)
    Dernière mise à jour: Sunday, 16 August 2009

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