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   Utricularia gibba (水生植物) English 
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    此物种详细信息 New Zealand
    状态: 外来
    入侵: 入侵
    出现纪录: ???
    来源: National Pest Plant Accord, 2001
    For detailed distribution information within New Zealand please see: Species Distribution FBIS. The Freshwater Biodata Information System (FBIS) constructed by National Institute of Water & Atmospheric Research Limited (NIWA) contains fish, algae, aquatic plant and invertebrate data and metadata gathered from New Zealand's freshwater streams, rivers and lakes. NIWA may amend the FBIS database without notice and at any time, as additional data are added or corrections are made. For updates please visit FBIS
    U. gibba is included in the First Schedule of the National Pest Plant Accord. All plants on the list are designated as Unwanted Organisms, and are banned from sale, propagation and distribution throughout New Zealand. Please see National Pest Plant Accord for the complete list.
    最后修改 : 11/04/2006 1:19:49 p.m.

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