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   Cestrum nocturnum (灌木) English 
生態 分佈 管理 影響 參考資料 聯繫

    此物種詳細資訊 Hawaii (Hawai‘i) Is.
    狀態: 外來
    出現紀錄: ?????
    來源: Starr et al., 2003
    簡介: 可能故意引入
    Starr et al. (2003) made a new island record of Cestrum nocturnum on Hawaii Island, growing in lowland forest at Hilo. It was also observed at Kamuela/Waimea, where it was observed to be spreading from cultivated plants (Starr et al., 2003).
    Starr et al. (2005) state that Cestrum nocturnum is commonly cultivated in Hawaii for its fragrant flowers that bloom at night.
    競爭: Cestrum nocturnum appears to be more suited to capturing and using light than native Hawaiian species in greenhouse conditions (Pattison et al., 1998). This was shown to be especially so in high light conditions such as those which could be found in highly disturbed areas (Pattison et al., 1998).
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