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   Boiga irregularis (reptile)
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    Details of this species in Saipan Is.
    Status: Alien
    Invasiveness: Invasive
    Occurrence: Reported
    Source: Stanford & Rodda 2007
    Arrival Date:
    Introduction: Unintentional (accidentally)
    Species Notes for this Location:
    Of the 76 reports of the brown tree snake from Saipan, 13 are captures and 63 are credible sightings (many additional reports are insufficiently documented to warrant characterization as “credible”) (Stanford & Rodda 2007). The large number of encounters on Saipan has led to speculation that a breeding population may already be established (Colvin et al. 2005, in Stanford & Rodda 2007). Several sightings of B. irregularis near Saipan's airport have been reported from program scientists and managers (D' Evelyn et al. 2008). Aside from the high frequency of brown tree snake encounters on Saipan, the island is of special concern because it receives much cargo from Guam, and the other Mariana Islands receive most of their cargo from Saipan (Stanford & Rodda 2007). Thus, infestation of Saipan is both possible and consequential (Stanford & Rodda 2007).
    Management Notes for this Location:
    A brown tree snake Rapid Response Team of trained personnel from various organizations from the United States, Guam and other surrounding areas was created in 2002. This team has responded to several sightings of B. irregularis in Saipan in order to prevent its establishment (D' Evelyn et al. 2008; Stanford & Rodda 2007).
    Threat to endangered species: The introduction of the brown tree snake could potentially endanger threatened species on the island (see location notes).
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