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   Nymphoides peltata (水生植物) English 
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    此物种详细信息 United States (USA)
    状态: 外来
    入侵: 入侵
    出现纪录: ???
    来源: USDA, NRCS, 2005
    与其它入侵物种相互作用: According to NWCB (2003), "'Hitchiker' plants, such as Hydrilla can be introduced to an area with yellow floatingheart when they are mail-ordered."
    栖地改变: According to NWCB (2003), "the dense mats of N. peltata exclude native aquatic plant species and create stagnant areas with low oxygen levels underneath the floating mats." This would alter the habitat for fish and other aquatic species.
    滋扰人类: According to NWCB (2003), "the dense mats of N. peltata make it difficult to fish, water ski, swim or paddle a canoe through."
    竞争: According to NWCB (2003), "N. peltata grows in dense patches, excluding native species."
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