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   Opuntia monacantha (喬木, 灌木, 肉質植物) English 
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    此物種詳細資訊 Ascension Is.
    狀態: 外來
    出現紀錄: ?????
    來源: Duffey 1964
    到達日期: 1840s
    Species of Acacia and Opuntia (unidentified, may be either O. cochenillifera or O. monacantha) cover large areas of the mountain slopes on the Island. In the region between 330 and 600 meters below the cloud layer of Green Mountain, there was reportedly a great deal of Opuntia (Duffey 1964). Opuntia was introduced in the 1840s or earlier when the main object was to find anything which would grow and spread over the ground to conserve soil moisture.
    Opuntia spp. (not identified specifically) have been controlled on Saint Helena and Ascension by the introduction of the cactus moth Cactoblastis cactorum in 1973 and 1971, respectively. The success of C. cactorum in Australia was followed by introductions of the biocontrol agent South Africa, St. Helena, Hawaii, New Caledonia, Pakistan, Kenya and Ascension Island. At Ascension, a new postage stamp adorned with a portrait of the caterpillar attests to the esteem in which Cactoblastis is held (Stiling 2002).
    Farm reports for the 1890s described efforts to control Opuntia sp., Psidium sp. and Catharanthus sp. by burning and poisoning because they were invading pasture land (Duffey 1964).
    威脅瀕危物種: Endemic vascular flora of Ascension Island are threatened by an unidentified Opuntia sp. Specifically, Opuntia occurs at at least two locations where endemic species occur. These endemics are the 'Near Threatened (NT)' Asplenium ascensionis - (in IUCN Red List of Threatened Species). And the 'Critically Endangered (CR)' Pteris adscensionis - (in IUCN Red List of Threatened Species), both of which require active conservation measures to ensure their survival (Gray Pelembe & Stroud 2005).
    與其他入侵物種相互作用: Mice were several times seen climbing on Opuntia plants, where one was seen to graze the anthers from several flowers.
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