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   Rhinella marina (=Bufo marinus) (兩棲動物) English 
生態 分佈 管理 影響 參考資料 聯繫

    此物種詳細資訊 Montserrat
    狀態: 外來
    出現紀錄: ???
    來源: Daltry et al., undated in Varnham, 2006
    到達日期: c. 1900, Before 1879
    簡介: 故意引入
    Bufo marinus is commonly known as cane toad; marine toad; crapaud. The cane tod was deliberately introduced to control insect pests in sugar cane plantations. It is widespread, with highest densities in disturbed areas (Daltry et al., undated in Varnham, 2006).
    降低本地生物多樣性: Bufo marinus may compete with, predate or poison native frog (possesses numerous poison glands). It is also likely to heavily predate upon native invertebrates (Daltry et al., undated in Varnham, 2006).
    最後修改 : 17/06/2008 9:31:08 a.m.

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