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   Rhinella marina (=Bufo marinus) (兩棲動物) English 
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    此物種詳細資訊 Iriomotejima Is.
    狀態: 外來
    出現紀錄: ???
    來源: Kyodo News, Tokyo (06/03/2001)
    到達日期: first discovered in December 2000
    簡介: 意外引入
    Cane toads are thought to have been introduced from Ishigakijima Island via cargo ship. Around eight toads have been spotted on the island.
    The Japanese Environment Ministry is conducting research in an effort to exterminate the cane toads. Locals are being encouraged to cooperate with officials.
    Iriomotejima Island is located 460 km southwest of the main Okinawa Island and 2100 km southwest of Tokyo. It is home to an endangered wild cat (Prionailurus bengalensis iriomotensis) that has a population of around 100 individuals. It is feared that the cane toad may threaten this species.
    其他: Iriomote cats (Prionailurus iriomotensis) may possibly be poisoned when trying to eat Bufo marinus.
    最後修改 : 16/01/2004 11:06:30 a.m.

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