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   Arundo donax (草) English 
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    此物种详细信息 New Zealand
    状态: 外来
    入侵: 入侵
    出现纪录: ?????
    来源: Environment Bay of Plenty Undated
    Physical Control: Grazing may be effective against Arundo. In terms of disposal, slashed vegetation can be left to rot, be mulched or composted.
    Chemical Control: Arundo may be sprayed with Glyphosate and a penetrant. The Rate for a handgun is: 1 litre Gylphosate + 200 mls Penetrant/100 litres water; and for a knapsack: 100 mls Gylphosate + 20 mls Penetrant/10 litres water. This control technique does not stop regrowth and follow-up is required. If Arundo infestation is amongst other desirable plants Gallant herbicide may be used as it is selective for Poaceae. See label for application rates.
    最后修改 : 16/12/2009 11:45:41 a.m.

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