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   Tapinoma melanocephalum (insecte) English 
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         Le contact suivant peut donner des informations et des conseils sur Tapinoma melanocephalum:

    1. O'Connor, Simon (Coordinator, Pacific Ant Prevention Programme Secretariat of the Pacific Community)
      Simon has previously coordinated New Zealand's national invasive ant programme which included responding to incursions and development and implementation of the surveillance programme. He is currently employed by the Secretariat of the Pacific Community to implement the preliminary stages of the Pacific Ant Prevention Programme. Extensive surveillance through the Pacific islands, project work around specific ant problems and public awareness building has been the main focus of his current role
      Address: C/- MAF PO Box 2526 Wellington New Zealand
      Téléphone: 64 4 8190539
      Fax: 64 4 8190736
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