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   Lithobates catesbeianus (=Rana catesbeiana) (amphibian)    
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         The followings  7 contacts offer information and advice on Lithobates catesbeianus (=Rana catesbeiana):

      Rana catesbeiana
      Address: 800 W Wells St, Milwaukee, WI 53233 USA
      Phone: +1 414 2782766  
      Fax: +1 414 2786100  
      Rana catesbeiana
      Address: Department of Biology, University of California, Riverside, California 92521 USA
      Phone: +1 909 7869634
      Purnima Govindrajulu has completed her doctoral research on the impact of bullfrogs on native frogs in December 2004. She is currently working on a post-doctoral project surveying for chytrid fungus is native and introduced amphibians in British Columbia. She will also be teaching a course on the ecological, social and economic impact of biological invasions at the University of Victoria during summer. Her previous work includes near-shore marine surveys and impact assessment studies in the Caribbean and behavioural ecology of primates.
      Address: Victoria, BC, V8W 3N5
      Phone: 250 383 6262
      Fax: 250 721 7120
      Rana catesbeiana
      Address: Department of Herpetology CAS, Golden Gate Park, San Francisco, California, 94118 USA
      Phone: +1 530 7532727
      Fax: +1 530 7532727
      Address: 69A Burnside Road West, Victoria, British Columbia, CANADA V9A 1B6
      Phone: (250)388-5831
      Rana catesbeiana
      Address: Piedras Blancas Field Station, P.O. Box 70, San Simeon, California  93452 USA
      Phone: +1 805 9273893 
      Fax: +1 805 9273308
      Rana catesbeiana
      Address: 2221 W Greenway Rd., Phoenix, AZ 85023-4399 USA
      Phone: +1 602 7893515
      Fax: +1 602 7893926
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