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   Cyprinus carpio (魚類) English  français   
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         以下事項 聯繫 提供 資訊和建議 Cyprinus carpio:

      Duane Chapman’s research interests include: Invasive carps, especially bighead, silver, grass and black carps, as well as tilapias. He is currently working on: Modelling populations of Asian carps in the United States; habitat selection and behaviour of bighead and silver carps in the Missouri River; Establishing, through stable isotopes and diet analysis, the trophic status of Asian carps and relationship to potential native competitors; Capture methods for Asian carps in rivers; Market development for wild Asian carp fisheries, including animal and human foods; Contaminants, including microcystins as well as directly anthropogenic contaminants in tissues of Asian carps in USA; Affects of bighead and silver carps on plankton in US rivers.
      He is also currently working with Chinese collaborators to develop a review, in English, of the Chinese literature on bighead and silver carps, as well as working on a tilapia eradication attempt in the Galapagos.
      地址: USGS Columbia Environmental Research Center 4200 New Haven Road Columbia, MO 65201
      電話: 573-876-1866
      傳真: 573-876-1904
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