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生態 分佈 管理 影響 參考資料 聯繫

         以下事項 10 聯繫 提供 資訊和建議 Felis catus:

    1. Bonnaud, Elsa (Post Doctoral Position Island Ecology and Evolution Research Group IPNA-CSIC)
      Personal webpage
      Elsa works principally on food webs on island ecosystems, and especially on biotic interactions between invasive species (cats and rats) and natives species (seabirds and reptiles). She has worked on islands in the south of France, on New Caledonia and on some field missions in Polynesia and La Réunion island. She is currently based in the Canary Islands.
      Her research key words are: biodiversity, conservation, restoration, island ecosystems, population dynamics, food-web, diet, cat impact, cat ecology and behavior.
      地址: C/ Astrofísico Fco. Sánchez nº 3 38206 La Laguna Tenerife, Canary Islands SPAIN
      Ecology of introduced mammals
      地址: Batiment 362, F-91405, Orsay, Cedex, France.
      電話: +33 1 69155685
      傳真: +33 1 69155696
      Geographic region: Pacific
      Ecosystem: Terrestrial
      地址: Société d'Ornithologie de Polynésie B.P. 21098 98713 - Papeete Tahiti Polynésie Française
      電話: (689) 52 11 00
      Felis catus ecology and management
      地址: Science & Technical Centre, Northern Regional Office, P.O. Box 112, Hamilton, New Zealand
      電話: +64 7 8397247
      傳真: +64 7 8580001
      Geographic region: Indian Ocean
      Ecosystem: Terrestrial
      地址: Laboratoire d'Ecologie marine (ECOMAR)-Faculté des Sciences et Technologies-Université de la Réunion- BP 7151. Saint Denis. Réunion
      電話: 0262.93.86.86
      Feral cat control, eradication and behavioural ecology
      地址: PO Box 10 420, Wellington 1, New Zealand
      電話: +64 4 4710726
      傳真: +64 4 4713279
      Geographic region: sub-Antarctic; North Africa; Pacific; Caribbean
      Ecosystem: Terrestrial
      地址: INRA - SCRIBE - Campus de Beaulieu - F35 042 Rennes
      電話: (33) (0)2 23 48 53 79
    8. Rocamora, Gérard (Island Conservation Society / Fondation pour la Conservation des Iles (ou CRBPO, Museum National d’Histoire Naturelle, Paris))
      Geographic region: Indian Ocean
      Ecosystem: Terrestrial
      地址: Island Conservation Society, PO Box 775, Pointe Larue, Mahé, Seychelles
      電話: (248) 71 44 11
      Geographic region: Indian Ocean
      Ecosystem: Terrestrial
      地址: ONF. Domaine Forestier de la Providence, 97488 Saint Denis cedex
      電話: 692345283
      Geographic region: North America
      Ecosystem: Terrestrial
      地址: La Direction de l'Agriculture et de la Forêt 3, rue Albert Briand - B.P. 4244 97500 Saint-Pierre et Miquelon
      電話: 0508412104; 0508552100
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