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   Oryctes rhinoceros (insecte) English   
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         Le contact suivant peut donner des informations et des conseils sur Oryctes rhinoceros:

    1. Mohan, Chandrika (Scientist Pest management and bio control CPCRI (Central Plantation Crops Research Institute))
      Research work: Standardized sampling technique for white grubs affecting coconut; Investigated bioecology and chemical control for coconut white grubs; Botanical oil cakes for prophylactic leaf axil filling against Oryctes and red weevil; Treatment of breeding sites of Oryctes rhinoceros with Clerodendron infortunatum as one of the components in IPM; Field demonstration of biocontrol of Opisina in farmers’ plot; Lab. multiplication technique for Apanteles taragamae and recorded Galleria mellonella as host for Corcyra.
      Address: Kasaragod-671124, Kerala, India
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