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   Pistia stratiotes 水生植物
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    Eichhornia crassipes
    aguapé (Portuguese-Brazil), bekabe kairanga (Fiji), bung el ralm (Palauan), bung el ralm (Palau), floating water hyacinth, jacinthe d'eau (French), jacinto de agua (Puerto Rico), jacinto-aquatico (Portuguese), jal khumbe (Fiji), jal kumbhi (Hindi-India), lechuguilla (Spanish), lila de agua (Dominican Repbulic), lirio acuatico, mbekambekairanga (Fijian), riri vai (Cook Islands), wasserhyazinthe (German), water hyacinth (English), water orchid, wota haisin (Papua New Guinea)

    Water hyacinth showing roots (Photo: L. Neville, GISP Archive) - Click for full size Inflorescence of Eichhornia crassipes at Berrimah, Northern Territory, Australia (Photo: Colin Wilson) - Click for full size Flowering plant of Eichhornia crassipes at Brisbane, Queensland, Australia (Photo: Colin Wilson) - Click for full size Water hyacinth at Port Kisuma, Africa (Photo: Aquarius Systems, Wisconsin, USA) - Click for full size Water hyacinth clogging the Ortega River (Photo: Don Schmitz) - Click for full size Infestation of Eichhornia crassipes near Merauke in Irian Jaya, Indonesia (Photo: Colin Wilson) - Click for full size Eichhornia crassipes (Photo: MAF, NZ) - Click for full size

    WQH (2003) notes that E. crassipes may be mistaken for P. stratiotes, but P. stratiotes doesn't have showy flowers and has large "ribbed" leaves. P. stratiotes is much less cold-tolerant than E. crassipes and is not thought able to survive in cold climates.

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