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   Celastrus orbiculatus 藤本植物,攀援植物
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    Celastrus scandens

    Bergmann and Swearingen (1999) state that, C. orbiculatus is easily confused with the native climbing Celastrus scandens which flowers at the tips rather than along the stems. Hutchison (1990) states that, "C. scandens has elliptic or ovate leaves that are usually not as round as those of C. orbiculatus." Dreyer (2003) points out that, C. orbiculatus can be reliably distinguished from the native C. scandens only by the location of female flowers and fruit. In C. orbiculatus they are borne in clusters of 3 - 7 in the axils of leaves. C. orbiculatus fruit are never arranged in terminal clusters. In contrast the flowers and fruit of C. scandens are borne in terminal panicles which may contain numerous flowers or fruits. A second, less reliable, difference is the yellow color of the outer fruit covering in C. orbiculatus vs. the orange color of C. scandens outer fruit cover. The color of the inner aril is red in both species. Identification by leaf shape or size, or by male inflorescence type is not reliable.

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