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   Opuntia monacantha 喬木, 灌木, 肉質植物
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    Opuntia cochenillifera
    cacto-de-cochonilha (Portuguese), cochenillekaktus (Norwegian), cochenillier (French), cochineal cactus (Anguilla, Bermuda), cochineal cactus (English), cochineal nopal cactus (Spanish), cochineal nopal cactus (English), cochineal-plant (English), English tungy (Saint Helena), French prickle (Anguilla), nopal cactus (English), nopal chamacuero (Spanish), nopal de cochinilla (Spanish), nopal de la cochinilla (Spanish), nopal nochetzli (Aztec), nopalea grande (English), nopales opuntia (English), Opuntia (Saint Helena), palma (Portuguese), palma-de-engorda (Portuguese), palma-doce (Portuguese), palma-miuda (Portuguese), palmatória (Portuguese), prickly pear (Saint Helena), prickly pear (English), raquette espagnole (French), velvet opuntia (English), warm hand (English), white tungi (Saint Helena), white tungy (Saint Helena), wooly joint prickly pear (English)

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