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   Carpobrotus edulis 肉质植物
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    Carpobrotus acinaciformis

    Carpobrotus acinaciformis: calyx oblong or nearly globose; petals rose- or purplish-pink; top of the ovary flat or slightly concave.
    : calyx club-shaped; petals usually yellow, top of the ovary elevated (Adamson and Salter, 1950; in PIER, 2005).
    Carpobrotus affine acinaciformis

    Carpobrotus affine acinaciformis has vivid magenta flowers, and leaves which are shorter than those of C. edulis (IMEP, 2001). It is considered to be an introgressed derivative of C. acinaciformis and C. edulis (Suehs et al. 2006).
    Carpobrotus chilensis

    Carpobrotus chilensis is a coastal perennial with rose-magenta flowers, and typically blue-green, slightly glaucous foliage. The leaves are 3-5 cm in length, rounded-triangular in cross section, and smooth along the outer angles at the tips (Vivrette, 1993; in Gallagher et al. 1997). C. chilensis hybridises with C. edulis in California (Gallagher et al. 1997).

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